There is something you can do to help create peace
in the world, and that is to make yourself peaceful.



Even though I may not see the results immediately,
love always works



To be wise means to respond to situations with
understanding, care and com

What’s New?

COP26 Glasgow: Rising to the Climate Emergency

The UK will host the 26th UN Climate Change Conference of the Parties (COP26) in Glasgow on 1–12 November, 2021.

Back soon: Global Retreat Centre

Our retreat centre in Oxfordshire is nearing the close of its renovation works and will re-open its doors in 2022. For updates:

One Golden Heart
Beating in Many Ways…

Join us every Sunday from 10th October until 28th November at 4 pm, as we mark 50 years of The Brahma Kumaris in the UK with a series of regional on-line events. Over these 50 days we’ll also be offering a video message for the day, filled with love, appreciation and an abundance of good wishes.



Listening To Your Intuition

Intuition is that voice of innate wisdom which can speak to us at any moment. It is the core of our self, of our consciousness, a touchstone which is always true and trustworthy, as long as the voice is not distracted or disturbed by the many voices of our ego, or others egos, which we allow to reside like ghosts within our consciousness.

Learning to listen to and trust our intuition means we must be able to recognise these voices and ruthlessly ignore their deviations and temptations. This is why we need to spend some time each day in some form of contemplative process – call it meditation, reflection or just listening to the self.

Thought for Today

Good thoughts for a healthy mind


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